Some Thoughts On Online Shopping


I guess you could say I love online shopping, I love it a lot. This can be seen on my Instagram account or if you read this post or many other posts in the past. I often prefer it to shopping in stores because I often manage to find awesome bargains and it means that I stick to my wishlist and don’t make quite as many impulse purchases. I thought it would be a great time to take you through some of my favourite places to pick up some beauty buys and some tips and tricks I’ve found along the way.  Continue reading

Welcoming Some New Brushes

models prefer MPP100 airbrush MPD103 highlighter & contour sigma f80 flat kabuki e40 tapered blending

Brushes are something that I don’t normally splurge on – I have a decent collection (mostly Real Techniques, let’s be real) that does all the right things for me but I have a pretty substantial wish list of very expensive brushes that I can’t quite justify, but Christmas is just around the corner! I have recently added a few more brushes to my stash filling a few holes that I had and now it’s time to give you guys the low down!

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Searching for Dupes…


My family like to make the joke that I have every shade of nail polish that you could possibly buy (and they’re probably right) but as I was looking through my swatch sticks I realised that I actually had a few of some of the shades… I think it’s time for a clear out. Either way, here are some “dupes” that I found in my collection – most of them are budget “dupes” for a higher end colour so hopefully it’s helpful!

(It’s also worth nothing that I wrote this whole post with an energetic cat on my lap who enjoys having a nibble on my swatch sticks AND in the middle of a black out… great!)
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Brand Loyalty: Rimmel Eyeliners


For a girl that barely ever wears eyeliner I seem to have a lot of them and as I was sorting through the drawers this weekend fixing up my new storage I realised that the vast majority of the eyeliners I own are by Rimmel. The saying ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ comes to mind here as these eyeliners are great and for the price you can’t go wrong. Here’s a rundown of the shades that I have and the different liners in the range…

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Recently I’ve Been Shopping…


I’ve been a little bit naughty on the shopping front lately, the checkout button on websites has been a little too accessible which meant that I’ve had quite a few parcels arriving in the mail as of late. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve been noticing the influx of haul posts but I thought it was necessary to round them all up on the blog so you guys have an idea of reviews to come, let me know what you want to be reading about! :)

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Brand Talk: NARS

nars tinted moisturiser creamy concealer niagara lipstick dione dual intensity eyeshadow duo kalahari blush orgasm deep throat daydream

NARS was one of the first higher end brands that I got into and since then my collection has grown pretty steadily. Their packaging is just so aesthetically pleasing (but very annoying to clean). I’ve got a little bit of everything from their range – some bases, some blushes, an eyeshadow duo and a lipstick and it’s about time they got their own little post on my blog. Continue reading

Spring Tips

revlon china flower chanel june essie mint candy apple sally hansen  sugar fix australis peek a boo orly rage ciate amazing gracie

We are well and truly into Spring in Australia and I’m one very happy girl – I love the weather, not too hot but bright and sunny and make up looks for spring are always light, dewy and girly which is what I love all year round. Today I thought I’d take you through some nail polish shades that I’ll be loving all through the season. Continue reading

Some Formula 10.0.6 Masks

formula 10.0.6 pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask get your glow on brightening peel off mask keep your cool breakout calming mask face mask skincare

Formula 10.0.6 has been one brand at Priceline that has always drawn me in with it’s pretty, simplistic packaging, cheap price point and the promise of skincare designed for problematic teenage skin and although I’ve tried bits and pieces over the years – some hits and some misses – these masks have been in my face mask drawer for quite some time and after giving them all a thorough go last week I thought it was about time I reported back. Continue reading

Best Budget Eyeshadow Offerings

maybelline color tattoo bad to the bronze barely brand tough as taupe bold gold pure pigment improper copper bourjois color edition petale de glace revlon shadowlinks sand taupe models prefer nude eyshadow palette rimmel glam eyes mono shadow backstage scandaleyes bulletproof beige bad girl bronze max factor caramel rage down to earth nyx glam shadow stick rose gold jumbo eye pencil milk yoghurt nyx love in rio bikini bottom almay eye trio prestige hocus pocus spellbound savvy woods wild flower covergirl bombshell copper fling elf eyeshadow quad butternutEyeshadow is always something that I trust the drugstore (or lack of a better word in Australia) with, recently there have been some really great formulas released and there are certainly some hidden treasures amongst the shelves so I thought it was about time that I rounded up all of the budget bits in my draws and gave you the run down here… (warning: this is a very long post!) Continue reading