BLUSH WEEK / The Blush Collection


It’s the final day of Blush Week today and, as promised, it’s time to show you all my entire blush collection! I currently store my blushes in two long and thin plastic containers and another smaller one for stick blushes that I picked up at a local two dollar store but they’re full to the brim – it won’t be long until I’ll need to stock up on a third, I’m sure but for now they do the trick and fit nicely into my drawers. Enough with the talking, let’s let the blush do the talking!

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BLUSH WEEK / A Pale Girl’s Guide to Bronzer

rimmel sun shimmer bronzer the body shop honey bronzer nyx taupe blush sleek contour kit light
I’m going a bit off topic today but still keeping it cheek-centric but getting a little more bronze-y today… I love a bit of bronzer every now and then and find that it normally complements blush quite well while adding a bit more definition to the face. When I apply foundation and everything I just look kind of like a ghost so bronzer adds something back to my skin that makes everything look a bit more normal. Here are some of my favourites for bronzing and for contouring as a fair-skinned girl…

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BLUSH WEEK / Top 5 High End Blushes


Day two of Blush Week and I’m here to fill you in on the top 5 high end blushes in my stash. There’s something so lovely about reaching for a high end blush in the morning – it adds a bit of luxury to my day and I’ve noticed that of all the things in my collection, blushes seem to be the things that I venture into the high end for with most of my lipsticks and foundations etc being drug store. So let’s get into my top 5…

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BLUSH WEEK / Top 5 Budget Blushes


Welcome to Blush Week! I own a LOT of blush and that love just couldn’t be contained to a few posts here or there so here we stand, a whole week of blushy goodness for your enjoyment! I’ll be posting little bits every day about my favourite formulas, tips and with a full collection post coming later in the week.

First up let’s talk budget blushes – there are some great formulas on the market and I’m going to take you through my top 5 from the drug store aisles. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Online Shopping


I guess you could say I love online shopping, I love it a lot. This can be seen on my Instagram account or if you read this post or many other posts in the past. I often prefer it to shopping in stores because I often manage to find awesome bargains and it means that I stick to my wishlist and don’t make quite as many impulse purchases. I thought it would be a great time to take you through some of my favourite places to pick up some beauty buys and some tips and tricks I’ve found along the way.  Continue reading